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About Ahlive Olive Oil

Ahlive extra virgin olive oil is the most expensive and best-quality olive oil available. It should taste like fresh Olives and be free of flaws. Without using solvents, it must be made entirely mechanically. The oil will not deteriorate at these temperatures. Extra virgin olive oil production is a labor of love. Every step of the production process must be carefully monitored by the producer, who must use fresh Olives in acceptable condition. There is a limit to how long extra virgin olive oil may remain that way. Even in the most ideal circumstances of storage. Over time, the oil will degrade. As a result, it’s critical that you consume it within two years of purchase.

Aceites Málaga S.L. is a packaging and marketing company specializing in olive oils, sunflower seeds, and seeds, both under its brand and white label. Based in Malaga on the Mediterranean Sea, the company was formed in 1968 by Francisco Perez Godoy as a bit shop selling oil. Through the acquisition of packaging, the company grew to become one of the biggest enterprises in Malaga without losing its family spirit.

Since 1992, the company has become more professional with the second generation already in place. Its installations have been upgraded, and new oil lines are installed to meet expanding client demand. Malaga oils’ history has been defined by effort, commitment, investment, and adaptation to the needs of our clients.

Aceites Málaga S.L. has benefited from the European Regional Development Fund, which boosts SMEs’ competitiveness and internationalization. As a result, it attended the promotional action Direct Trade Mission of China 2019 from 09 to 16 November 2019. It has been aided in this endeavor by the Malaga Chamber of Commerce’s International Promotion Program. We offer certified organic and halal products at Aceites Málaga, which is why we study and select suppliers that are most compatible with our product lines; we also visit their factories, forcing them to adhere to stringent quality requirements.

Our goods and production processes are subjected to strict quality control procedures. Each product and process is overseen by a team of highly skilled technicians and professionals. This enables us to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations confidently. For an extended period, Aceites Málaga has been responsible for its ecological footprint, which is why we have adapted to a more efficient manufacturing process to minimize it. ISO 14001 certifies us in this regard.