Latest Olive Oil Cake News

Thyme and olive oil focaccia Lightly grease the dough with a little olive oil then gently put back into the bowl, cover with a clean tea towel and set somewhere warm to prove for an hour or so, or until it has doubled in size. Knock the dough down, … Lemon and lavender yogurt … […]

Dishes that bring out the best in tomatoes

Dishes that bring out the best in tomatoes While the tart is baking, mix together the olive oil, basil, parsley, thyme and garlic in a small bowl. When the tart has baked for 30 minutes, brush … Note: This recipe can easily be cut in half. In a stockpot, combine tomatoes, onion, garlic … Read […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a 'Pillar of My Cuisine'

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a 'Pillar of My Cuisine' The chef of Osteria di Passignano is a passionate extra virgin olive oil connoisseur — his ice cream a fresh take on Tuscan, oil-based cuisine. By Luciana … “Every year, I choose at least 7 different “shades” to be used in different recipes, from … […]

Latest Extra Virgin Olive Oil News

Extra virgin olive oil linked to lower blood sugar and cholesterol Compared to other kinds of fat, extra virgin olive oil may have healthier effects on levels of blood sugar and bad cholesterol after meals, according to an Italian study. That may explain why a traditional Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil is linked … […]

Benefits Of Coconut Oil

The use of coconut oil seems to increase slightly from year to year. Most of this increased use is contributed to people stumbling onto new uses for it or word of mouth promotion from people who have tried it. The actual benefits of coconut oil aren’t very well known and aren’t publicized as much as […]

Latest Coconut Oil Weight Loss News

14 coconut oil remedies for losing weight and looking young Moisturiser: If you don't trust chemical products and want to go all natural, coconut oil is THE moisturiser you should use. It is rich in saturated fats that prevent moisture loss from skin. Coconut oil leaves your skin soft and hydrated with a … Read […]

Long-Term Olive Oil Consumption Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Long-Term Olive Oil Consumption Lowers Risk of Diabetes Food frequency questionnaires, completed by the nurses every four years, assessed dietary food intake of more than 130 foods including olive oil consumption in two categories – olive oil as a salad dressing and that added to food or bread. At the end … Read more on […]

Latest Italian Olive Oil News

How olive oil explains Greece's problems But after much of that oil is pressed in Greek processing facilities, tanker trucks come to take it straight to the sea. In 2012, 60 percent of Greece's olive oil output was shipped to Italy. There, it is packaged in Italian bottles with Italian labels … Read more on […]

Latest Types Of Olive Oil News

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Embrace your inner child with homemade 'Hot Pockets' With ingredients like sugar and carrageenan (whatever that is), these types of products should probably not be the mainstay of our diets or our children's. But as I said, I like Hot Pockets. … 2 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil. 1 cup grated … Read […]

Latest Pure Coconut Oil News

'Ban palm kernel oil import' “The medical fraternity has, in fact, begun to accept the utility of pure coconut oil. If used for consumption without adulteration, coconut oil is indeed good for the body,” C.N. Raja, State Honorary Secretary, Indian Medical Association, Tamil Nadu … Read more on The Hindu Personal Best: Kalki Koechlin – […]