Make Brownies last longer

Brownies are one of the most appreciated food gift items. In the holiday season, brownies are a surefire hit. If you are considering mail order brownies then keep certain points in mind. Before sending brownies to friends and family, check the delivery company that will be handling your order. In most cases this will be […]

The Sunflower Seed

The sun flower seed is the fruit in the sunflower (Helianthus annuus).The phrase “sunflower seed” is really a misnomer when given to the seed in the pericarp (hull). Botanically speaking, it’s much more properly termed as a achene. When Un-shelled, the edible remainder is termed the sunflower kernel. There are actually a couple of sorts […]


S&W is a fourth generation family owned business, having been founded way back in 1896 by three entrepreneurial grocery wholesalers from San Francisco, and being located in a city that was a hundred years ago just a shadow of its modern day counterpart, was destined, like San Francisco to bigger and greater things. Realizing that […]

Baking with Less Fat ? Healthy Recipes

It is possible to have delicious baked goods with less fat. It seems like everyone is watching what they eat nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat foods that are still tasty. By making some simple changes to your favourite recipes you can make them healthier while still keeping that taste you love so […]

Coconut Oil: Endless Health and Beauty Benefits

Coconut Oil: Endless Health and Beauty Benefits Ever wonder why people who live in tropical climates seem healthier and more trim than the much of the western world? Well, the answer may just lie in the type of food they are accustomed to consuming. Diets rich in coconuts and coconut by products are thought to […]

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Nature’s Healthy Alternative

What comes to mind when you think of coconut oil? Tropical breezes or perhaps soothing skin lotion products? For many people, the thought of tropical oils in food products brings to mind ultra rich, fat laden, forbidden desserts, but is coconut oil really as “bad” for us as so many people think? For a generation […]

Dessert Recipes

The word “dessert” comes from the old French word “desservir” which means to clear the table. Sometimes referred to as “afters” desserts are usually a sweet ending to a meal. Included below are two popular dessert recipes. Give them a try and have a sweet ending to your meal. Queensland Lamington Originally devised as a […]

Stop consuming vegetable oil for your eye health

Macular degeneration is a horrible eye disease because individuals with this condition are very likely to suffer total blindness. In a serious case, the way to blindness only takes several months. Even with the best treatment possible, only 10% of all patients of macular degeneration could save some degree of eyesight. This eye disease is […]

Coconut Therapy for Your Skin

People have used coconut in the tropics for many, many years. They drink it, cook with it and even make oil with it. Among the various uses of coconut there is yet another use for and it’s for your skin. Coconut is therapeutic and beneficial for the skin. It can make your skin supple and […]

Oil Cooler

All engines have a cooling system containing water heater is provided by the system is necessary. However, high performance used in auto motor sport competition, or a motor vehicle whose hard work of great weight or towing other vehicles have benefited from the establishment of a separate engine oil cooler to play. To dissipate the […]