Drink a glass of olive oil every day – the Mediterranean way to a long life

Drink a glass of olive oil every day – the Mediterranean way to a long life It was eight in the morning and on an empty stomach I had only finished half of the small glass of golden liquid specially chosen by my Spanish friends as the smoothest Albequina variety of extra virgin olive oil. […]

Some Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of if not the most commonly used oils that we know. There is probably not a person in the world who has not used this nutritious product in some way shape or form. Olive oil is best known as cooking oil but there are many more benefits to using it on […]

Portuguese Manufacturers of Olive Oil – The Largest Distinctions

Olive oil has been acknowledged as the finest component for food preparation, near here the orb. For those people who are defending out their health and weight, this oil is without doubt considered as their best comrade. It illustrates that it could assist in regulating the development of the body collectively with blood circulation and […]

Latest Unrefined Olive Oil News

8 Popular Cooking Oils to Avoid, And Why Once you've compared the refined version of an oil to its unrefined version—say, a mainstream “light” olive oil compared to extra-virgin olive oil from California Olive Ranch—you'll realize that unrefined oils taste, smell, and look like what they … Read more on Paste Magazine Are these 10 […]

False: Most high-quality olive oil comes from Italy

False: Most high-quality olive oil comes from Italy Historically, olives were quite literally pressed with huge stones, with the first press extracting the best oil, and subsequent presses extracting lower quality oil. The olive press has been replaced by a malaxer (horizontal mixer) and centrifuge … Read more on PotomacLocal.com Food Notes: Pumpkin season is […]

L'Olivier's New Menu Is Full of Surprises

L'Olivier's New Menu Is Full of Surprises Take, for example, Mary's Salad, ablaze in color thanks to nothing more than nature, with brilliant red watermelon slices, peach wedges at peak ripeness with ruby centers, green basil, and clouds of goat cheese all a-drizzle with olive oil. The … Read more on Houston Press & ecle: […]

Latest Uses Of Coconut Oil News

Coconut Oil: An Idiot's Guide On How To Cook With It 'With coconut oil it's a medium chain fatty acid, which the body uses efficiently. You need fats to fuel and it's the right kind of fat to help your body work it off. With coconut oil, when you cook with it, it doesn't lose […]

Hair's What's Hot!

Hair's What's Hot! As models usually do, these Saint International models Kimberlee Gordon and Shantelle Fitten both styled their hair using Cantu Shea Butter Daily Oil Moisturizer. In addition Gordon's top knot is kept sleek with Olive Oil Edge Control, while Fitten … Read more on Jamaica Observer 5 DIY Beauty Recipes You Can Make […]

Reduce Free Radicals: Antioxidants And The Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

Nutrition used to be something like: “eat fresh food and stay away from potato chips” now we are told beware of free radicals in the body. Antioxidants are supposed to be good for you, but how do we encourage one and fight the other? “If Id known I was going to live so long, Id […]

Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract – Facts About Olive Leaf Extract Uses

The health benefits of olive leaf extract have been available to man for thousands of years. In recent years it has been ‘rediscovered’ by the natural health industry and there are numerous uses for this supplement for a wide range of health ailments. To better understand the health benefits of olive leaf extract, you have […]